25 years of projects

Digital Transformation of DTC Tech Stack

GOAL: Overhaul entire DTC tech stack to allow for omnichannel selling and functionality limited by previous tech stack.

EXECUTION: Led website workstream, including CIM, to uplift and modernize 10 key branded websites on a new platform and with requirements to meet cutting-edge eCommerce themes. Drove content management, UX/design process, and influenced marketing team to acquire all new web assets. Aligned goals of stakeholders across 12 different departments.

OUTCOME: Optimized functionality within budget and flexed development schedules to meet fluctuating project timelines.

“…you really went over & above in terms of time, energy and the expertise you brought to this project…”

— Sr. Brand Manager
Digital Accessibility Audit and Overhaul

GOAL: Audit digital accessibility and plot a course for corrective action.

EXECUTION: Engaged and managed a professional agency to perform site audits. Leveraged insights to build development backlog and implement modified processes within Marketing and IT to ensure digital accessibility is considered for all future endeavors.

OUTCOME: Raised accessibility score 20% with initial round of development funding and created a process workflow for externally developed campaigns.

Optimize Paid Media Spend

GOAL: Adjust paid media strategy and tactics to improve ROAS and reduce CPA for health & wellness products company.

EXECUTION: Assessed existing spend. Adjusted mix to include programmatic, social, and Google Shopping. Revised landing page strategy to target specific customer group and apply A/B testing to determine optimal messaging and layout.

OUTCOME: Improved ROAS from 2.1:1 to 4.4:1, and reduced CPA by 40%.

SEO Audit & Recommendations

GOAL: Baseline and develop an improvement plan for SEO on 7 branded websites.

EXECUTION: Utilizing tools like MOZ, SEMrush, and Screaming Frog, I was able to extract the problem areas and research keyword phrases that have the most potential to succeed, and (applying what I know of he consumer segments) would be most relevant to our target audience.

OUTCOME: Presented SEO plan for “quick win”, tactical changes and strategic keyword-focused content additions to each of the brand and DTC teams for the 7 websites. After implementation, websites increased SERP to top 3 position for branded keywords.

Turnaround Consulting of $1B CPG business

GOAL: Identify best strategic course of action for flailing CPG business.

EXECUTION: Interviewed several dozen customers and employees in 6 countries, surveyed manufacturing facilities and distribution network, and observed end-consumer buying behaviors. Reported directly to CMO and presented findings to CEO of parent corporation.

OUTCOME: Company leadership was pleased with deliverables and efforts. Company proceeded with recommendations.

Rebranding of eCommerce Wine Retailer

GOAL: Uplift outdated branding to improve brand perception and value.

EXECUTION: Modernized brand logo, key visuals, and overall styleguide. Built a brand plan, including aspiration board and long-term goals for relevant KPIs.

OUTCOME: Positive customer feedback, increased conversion rates and website session time.

Acquisition of eCommerce Wine Business

GOAL: Acquire small business in wine industry.

EXECUTION: Analyzed proforma, creating 1-, 3-, and 5-year financial projections with varying levels of bullishness about the market forces and penetration. Conducted extensive due diligence investigations. Created and submitted all paperwork related to articles of incorporation, employee handbook, business licensing, alcohol licensing, tax entities, etc. Secured bank funding and transitioned tech stack as appropriate.

OUTCOME: Successful acquisition and subsequent business performance that exceeded financial projections.

Visit Aabalat Fine & Rare Wines.

UX Overhaul to Increase Conversions

GOAL: Uplift UX experience for visitation and eComm streams.

EXECUTION: Supervised UX testing, recommended wireframe designs based on unmet consumer needs, and presented to broad group of stakeholders.

OUTCOME: Recommendations were adopted, friction points eliminated or reduced, and conversion rate increased from an average of 1.25% to 2.53%.

5-year Strategic Plan for $2.5B business

GOAL: Create a cohesive, compelling, and financially-justified 5-year strategic plan.

EXECUTION: Spearheaded the entire process from reviewing initial inputs from each department, iterating to align with business and financial goals, and polishing for ideal presentation to CEO. Ensured the short-term targets were translated to the annual operating plan for the subsequent year.

OUTCOME: Successful review with CEO and was asked to repeat the process annually until my departure from the company.

GTM Strategy for Foreign Company in US Market

GOAL: Assess opportunities for entrance into US market after successful established position in home country.

EXECUTION: Audited competitive landscape, interviewed potential customers, and completed thorough analysis of company’s capabilities. Developed go-to-market plan and reviewed potential hurdles and milestones with company owners.

OUTCOME: Company leadership was pleased with deliverables and efforts.

War Games for Competitive Bidding

GOAL: Assist sales team in bid strategy for significant upcoming RFPs.

EXECUTION: Developed and coordinated internal war game, attended by key executives and sales team, to flesh out ideal competitive bid. Preparations included creating thorough “manuals” on each competitor – every detail about the company, including (but not limited to) key personnel bios, facility capabilities, financial audits, and company culture.

OUTCOME: Successfully landed key RFPs.

Platform Migration of 25 Websites

GOAL: Transition 25 websites to a single Sitecore platform within a 6-month time period.

EXECUTION: Led all product and project management responsibilities, including driving design objectives, feature requirements, information architecture, content planning, and (on occasion) copy writing and image editing. Using Agile workflow, ushered all story and bug items through, from identification to testing and UAT sign-off to periodic retrospectives.

OUTCOME: Completed on time and within budget. Quality of outcome was in line with leadership expectations.

Pre-Chapter 11 Assessment & Turnaround Plan

GOAL: Deliver assessment and turnaround plan to legal company assisting a struggling food industry business.
EXECUTION: Reviewed business financials, value proposition viability, marketing capabilities, employee skill sets, and industry comps to deliver a recommended plan and accompanying projections.

OUTCOME: Client pleased with recommendations.

Bid Proposal for Regional Builder

GOAL: Augment bid proposal for Marin county builder to increase chances of winning bid.

EXECUTION: Performed competitive, market, and company analysis to deliver the marketing sections of the bid proposal, including value proposition.

OUTCOME: Client was identified as part of top 3 from the pool of applicants.

Planned and Executed Tradeshows with $70K-$150K Budget

GOAL: Maximize traffic, engagement, and exposure, while leveraging existing assets as much as possible.

EXECUTION: Led marketing team through the development and execution of assets that transformed our existing assets into a more modern, inviting booth.

OUTCOME: Transformed the way the company approaches booth design. Other exhibitors remarked on the high quality booth assets and layout.